Dunmore Town in Harbour Island

You were probably drawn to Harbour Island for its pink sand beaches and deep turquoise waters, but you might not know about Dunmore Town, one of the most charming Caribbean communities you’ve ever seen. 

Dunmore Town’s population is small, with less than 2,000 residents. That means the tourists are part of the family the moment they are given the keys to the golf buggy. Zooming around in a golf buggy is a practical way to get around and a novelty that thrills the adults as much as the kids. There are no traffic jams and you can drive around Harbour Island in less than 30 minutes, stopping for some photos of the New England-style buildings and picturesque waterfront along the way. Walking or riding a bike are also lovely ways to take in the scenery.

Dunmore Town

Make a point to see the Loyalist Cottage, which is privately owned and can only be admired from the street. This well-preserved English Colonial home dates back to 1797 and is often included in walking tour routes making it the most photographed building in town. 

On Bay Street, you can get some retail therapy at quaint boutiques selling artisan products you won’t find anywhere else. Fashion accessories, shell art and beach-inspired souvenirs make the best gifts for loved ones back home. 

Enjoy some authentic Caribbean flavors at Queen Conch on Bay Street, where the fresh conch salad with tropical fruit and spice is a popular dish. Then meander to Lone Tree. The dramatic sight of the driftwood rising out of the sand with the ocean in the background makes a very photogenic sight, especially at sunset. 

You might have guessed that Dunmore Town is the only town on Harbour Island in the Bahamas. Yet, for such a small place, there are many things to impress travelers who love unique destinations.